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You Are Who You Think You Are

You ever notice how when you're dreaming your body will physically react to what's going on in your dream? Like when you wake up from a bad dream and your heart is racing. This is because our brains, as intelligent as they are can't tell the difference between what's happening consciously or subconsciously. Whatever is going on in our minds the brain sends signals to the body to act accordingly. This is why it is important to make daily affirmations about who you are or want to become. Because what happens is that when you tell yourself "I Am a Great Entrepreneur" or "I Am a Wise Decision Maker" it gets embedded into your subconscious. At that point over time you will begin to act as what you've been affirming without consciously even have to think about it. So when you need to make an important decision, you will be able to trust your gut and make the wisest decision possible because your mind already knows you're a great decision maker. Funny how that works. Go and Be Great Today!

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