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The Man Behind The Experience

Michael "Lyfelong" Foster is a passionate Creative & Entrepreneur based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Spending some of his early childhood in Baltimore, Maryland and Texas, the initial spark of ingenuity entered his life early on and it has stayed with him ever since.  Being exposed to those different locations early on gave him an added sense of different cultures that would shape his creative scope.


 As a Writer, Michael started crafting songs, poems, and short stories when he was only eleven years old, which ultimately ignited his unwavering passion to take things to a professional level. He now works as a freelancer writing screenplays, blog entries, scripts for commercial voice overs, and as a copywriter for websites.

As a Filmmaker, Michael has gained extensive expertise and acclaim. He received the "Best Socially Conscious" Film Award for "When Tables Turn" and the Grand Jury Award for the film "Evelyn Black." His controversial short film "Subconscious Whispers" received rave reviews at it's World Premiere at the Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival in which Spike Lee was in attendance.  He has screened a number of his films across the globe at film festivals internationally.  His latest film, a feature length offering titled "A Social Love Affair", has sparked dialogue about the impact social media has on relationships this day in age.  Michael’s innate writing abilities fused with his production experience have paved the path to the multi-faceted filmmaker that he has become.


Additionally, Michael has served as Creative Director on a number of different projects thanks to his keen eye for detail.  His experience in music, web and graphic design, fashion, television, and film have made him sought after when brands want to express themselves visually at the highest level.  His clients range from models, shoe companies, fashion lines, barbers, restaurants, fitness trainers and more.  


When he isn’t immersed in his multi-faceted career, Michael enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and learning about foreign cultures.




Meet Michael Foster - Lyfelong
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