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How to get your point across to your audience with The Michael Foster Experience

The Michael Foster Experience

Artistic inspiration is what the entire modern world is built upon. And to be honest for people like myself who believe creativity is the highest form of the manifestation of a higher power, the entire universe was built upon. It's the reason we see beautiful skylines full of skyscrapers from city to city across the world. It's the reason we have the songs that moments in our lives will forever be tied to. An artistic muse can come in many different forms, the key is being conscious of the fact that at any time something or someone can serve as a muse and from there sparks an idea. The key at that point is taking that idea or concept and executing the proper steps to make sure it reaches and inspires the audience it was created for. The thing about art is that it is seen or felt differently by different people so we can't be concerned about those who it doesn't speak to. Our focus should be on manifesting the inspiration we received into a tangible form for those who will appreciate it. To do that takes discipline as that's what separates those who have ideas, from those who actually follow through and become successful. Whatever the process is for you specifically, start by writing it down. You can do this in the form of a to do list, an outline with bullet points, or notes in a daily journal. Once these ideas and goals are written down and you look at them daily, that's your way of letting the universe know what your plans are. From there I've learned that once that happens you'll start to see things in your world building around that very idea and concept you conceived. People will start to come out of nowhere in the form of help. You'll start to come across articles, or hear stories of people that had a similar idea and made it happen. It takes an extreme level of focus to go through the process of doing everything needed to get your concept or idea in front of the desired audience. Once you're totally focused, at that point action is required. It's not good enough that you wrote the idea down and focus on it everyday, now you have to actually DO something in the physical form that causes you to be able to cross something off of your list. Continue to do this daily and before you know it you'll have something to give to the world that represents your thoughts and inner most being. I know this will reach whomever needs it.

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